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Proven track record of technical management in the pulp and paper industry.  Specific
areas of expertise include an extensive background in the manufacture of bleached
sulfate pulp and coated solid bleached sulfate paperboard for folding cartons, along with
the leadership and management of the technical and quality resources supporting the
production of these products.
    08/1985 - 04/2007           
Rock-Tenn Company &
Gulf States Paper Corporation
Demopolis, AL
Technical Director
Responsible for the supervision of 4 supervisors, 11 engineers, and 25 hourly
employees to perform the appropriate Quality , Process, and Environmental
Evaluations for the mill. Also responsible for meeting customer needs for Technical
Information.  Responsible through the efforts of the 4 shift supervisor’s and their crews
for the 24/7/365 operation of the mill effluent treatment system including sampling,
testing and making the monthly monitoring report to the Alabama Department of
Environmental Management. Led the environmental efforts at the mill. Implemented
cost reduction initiatives, and other initiatives to maintain a safe work environment.
Recent Accomplishments:

•        In the last two years, implemented and sponsored three process engineers for
black belt training.  The six sigma black belt techniques enhanced their project skills
and resulted in documented savings of $500,000 in cost over the two years since the
program’s introduction.  The company newsletter recognized one of the programs as
an exemplary application of black belt techniques.

•        In line with efforts to improve mill costs, implemented a program in 2003 that
eliminated 8 hourly laboratory positions though transfer of duties to more lightly loaded
manufacturing associates, elimination of redundant and unneeded testing, and
implementation of automation.  This had an annual impact of $400,000 in labor

•        Conducted extensive work to improve sheet structure in 2000 and 2001 that
culminated in a $7,000,000 installation of a top wire former and a BTF Headbox flow
distributor on the Demopolis Machine in 2003. The installation resulted in  making a
competitive Sheffield smoothness coated board at 2% lower density and 2% higher
speed, resulting in an annual savings of $2,500,000 annually.  The result of this work
was also recognized in the company newsletter.

•        Championed the adoption of high ground calcium carbonate bleached
paperboard at the Demopolis Mill.  This resulted in a savings in coating binder, the
virtual elimination of blade scratches, higher brightness coated surface, and the
elimination of dye addition to the coating to achieve shade.  The results of this change
were a savings of $2,000,000, and a significant improvement in the market position of
the Demopolis sheet.  Demopolis was the leader in adoption of this technology in the
United States.
Other Projects and Significant Achievements:

  • ISO 9002 Department Quality Manual and Level II Documents For Registration
  • Multi Ply Fourdrinier Paperboard Trials for Project Scope
  • Start Up Phase I Demopolis Pulp Mill Expansion
  • Demopolis Pulp Mill Expansion Process Scope
  • Poly Acrylate Thickener Replacing Sodium Alginate in Coatings for SBS
  • Worked on No 1 Paperboard Machine Rebuild Start Up and Subsequent
    Modifications in Demopolis, Al
  • Scope of No. 1 Paperboard Machine Rebuild in Franklin, Va.
  • Design and Start Up E Bleach Line with Chemetics Oxygen Delignification Stage
  • Continuous Crude Tall Oil Plant Design for Franklin, Va.
  • Whole Tree Chip Sand Contamination
  • Early Evaluation and Scope for Oxygen Delignification for Franklin, Va.
Paper Group Leader            
Led six process engineers and six technicians in addressing problems in a 6
machine paper mill, conduct projects to create new grades, commission the use of
new control systems, evaluate ingredient changes for cost savings and product
enhancements, and support implementation of R&D results.

Pulp Group Leader        
Led four process engineers and four technicians in addressing problems in a multi
line pulp mill, commission the use of new control systems, evaluate ingredient
changes for cost savings and product enhancements, and support implementation
of R&D results.

Environmental Group Leader        
Led three process engineers and six technicians in addressing mill environmental
problems, conduct projects to reduce water use and improve wastewater treatment,
do stack testing to demonstrate compliance with air regulations, stay abreast of
developments in environmental regulations, evaluate pollution control systems and
strategies in support of planning capital expenditures to insure environmental

Process Engineer                
Conducted projects to commission the use of new control systems, evaluate
ingredient changes for cost savings and product enhancements, and support
implementation of R&D results
Master of Science             SUNY ESF at Syracuse University      Syracuse, NY

Bachelor of Science        SUNY ESF at Syracuse University        Syracuse, NY
    Honors: Cum Laude
TAPPI:       Member, BOD Membership Committee,

Sustaining Member Representative

AICHE:       Member

Gulf Coast TAPPI:        Member, Executive Committee, Secretary, Treasurer,       

      Vice Chairman, Chairman

Syracuse Pulp & Paper Foundation: Member, 25 Anniversary Scholarship

      Contributors, Life Member

Auburn Pulp & Paper Foundation: Gulf States Paper Corporation Demopolis

                            Mill Representative
Additional Educational Experiences

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James M. Snyder
336 Windrush Lane
Durham, NC 27703
919 596 5718 (Home)                                                     334 505 0123 (Cell)