James M. Snyder

Pulping and Bleaching Projects
•        Studied Pulping of Kiln Dried Planer Shavings for Union Camp

•        Master Degree Thesis:
Optimum Degree of Cooking for Sulphate Pulp from Sweetgum

•        Implemented D1 Stage pH control on Union Camp Franklin D Hardwood Bleach Line

•        Developed Scope for Oxygen Delignification for Union Camp Franklin, VA.

•        Studied Pulping of  Post  Consumer Wood for Union Camp (Hogged Reclaimed Pallet Wood)

•        Studied Pulping of  Pine Bark Beetle killed wood for Union Camp

•        Studied and Implemented Whole Tree Chip Pulping for Union Camp particularly sand
    contamination removal for Union Camp

•        Provided process engineering support for the design, installation, and start up of  E hardwood
    bleach line with oxygen delignification stage for Union Camp

•       In 1994 & 1995 provided process engineering support for the adoption of low solids cooking on
  the K2 continuous digester for GSPC, Demopolis, AL

•       In 1995 managed process engineering support for GSPC, Demopolis, AL K1 Low Level Feed
  System installation and evaluation.

•       From 1997 to 2002 served as Pulp and Paper Industrial Consortium Steering Committee
  Representative for Gulf States Paper Corporation on DOE Project: DE-FC36-95GO10091 “Energy
  Efficient Kraft Pulping for Highly Bleachable Low Lignin Content Pulp”